New E-Book from Helios Glass – Ending Fused Glass Disasters

end_fgd_cover_sI love getting new e-books from Helios Glass. They’re always perfect for the moment, as is this new one, Ending Fused Glass Disasters. One of my last slumps had me sighing in sadness since a bulge was right in the middle of what would have been a beautiful platter. Glass can be a cruel mistress. I know what went wrong with that firing but sometimes you look at the result and just scratch your head…why? This e-book will answer a lot of questions and hopefully keep you from having to turn your project into a mosaic or the glass into scrap. Go over to Helios Glass and check it out as well as all their other e-books. Paul has so much glass info in his head to share…and he is very kind to share it.


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