Joe Cariati Glass – Los Angeles Glass Blower

1962641_10152277841259740_242192642_nI’m looking at having glass blowing going in my studio by the end of this week. I didn’t care too much about glass blowing until recently. Blame my friend Zoe for getting me caught up in the romance and excitement that is glass blowing. I can’t wait to start doing it regularly. So it has made me very aware of other glass blowers and so when you find one that is as skilled as Joe Cariati that is based in Los Angeles, where I am, I perk up…and thanks to Facebook I can see what he’s up to on a regular basis. He just sold the gorgeous vases to Trina Turk in Palm Springs and is headed out to Modernist Week in that very town. I was just there myself yesterday. Loved it! So check out Joe’s web site…he’s got a video to watch too.


  1. Manisha Mishra says


    I think your work is extremely beautiful. I wish it were available in India. I’m starting an e-com website. I would love to have your products on it.

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