Washington Glass School Makes Glass Doors for the Library of Congress

loc.washington_glass_school.cast_glass.architectureThey’ve gotten a write up in the American Craft Council’s magazine American Craft about the stunning glass doors the guys at Washington Glass School made for the Library of Congress. Molds were made from the original doors and glass was cast and then inset in the new doors. This is just gorgeous. The original doors are to the side of the new doors paying homage to the glass. Over at the blog for Washington Glass School (some place I would love to spend time at. They do such amazing work), they’ve got a part of the article which I’ve pasted below…

From the magazine: The original doors were designed in 1939 by Lee Lawrie, the sculptor whose Atlas graces Rockefeller Center. They’re massive bronze works, depicting 13 mythological and historical figures of language and learning. Over time, they had begun to fail, straining at the hinges, and didn’t meet modern building codes. Rather than altering the historic doors to address these issues, the Architect of the Capitol made a bold decision; in addition to conserving the Lawrie doors, they would reinterpret these unique Adams Building features in glass.


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