Grumpy Cat in Glass – A Visual Tutorial by Jamie Burress

401_10151813100675031_1177999609_nJamie Burress is one of the most fun glass artists I know of. Whether she’s making a mosaic or stained glass piece or a set of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle coasters she’s obviously having a great time creating. Her newest glass adventure involves Grumpy Cat. Now if you don’t know who Grumpy Cat is you may have been living under a rock or at least some place without access to Facebook or a computer. In fact Grumpy Cat was just in Austin at SXSW and people waiting in line for hours to get a picture with her. What Jamie has done is post a visual tutorial on Facebook on how to make Grumpy Cat glass coasters. So cool. Although Grumpy might not think so…


  1. says

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  2. Alli says

    Where’s the link?? I Googled Jamie Burress and Grumpy Cat, but no tut. And it’s not on Jamie’s Facebook page either *sob*

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