Minimize Bubbles with Powder


A thin layer of powder has power! Light Turquoise and Clear Powder (001101-0008-F), unfired. Same, capped with Tekta Clear & fired with schedule provided. Minimal bubbles. For comparison, same sheet glass lay-up fired without powder to a basic full fuse. Typical champagne bubbles

Today Bullseye posted a link to a quick tip on Facebook to help minimize bubbles in your fused glass. Champagne bubbles come when you fuse two sheets of glass together. A good bubble soak will keep them to a minimum but if you want even fewer they suggest a sprinkling of clear powder to bring down the amount of bubbles. The also provide a firing schedule to use for this technique. I know I’ve been working on a project that sometimes creates way too many bubbles so next firing will have some powder sprinkled on. I’ll let you know how that goes.


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