Goodbye Kronos…It’s Been Fun!

Double Helix is having to discontinue Kronos. It’s hard to type with tear filled eyes…OK, I’m not really crying, but I am very sad about this news. Kronos is being discontinued due to the fact that Vetrofond is discontinuing production and Kronos is made with their cobalt cullet. That’s so not cool. But what can you do. Get some Kronos and then charge a small fortune for the beads you make or the jewelry you make with those beads. In fact I just had someone looking at a really wonderful necklace I made with Kronos beads and I think I need to raise the price on that necklace. Sigh…


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    I know it has been said that BellaDonna Glass is a competitor of Double Helix, but it really isn’t. I have been making glass for myself since the early 80’s. Moody Blue is the closest thing to Kronos in my line and I make it from raw batch myself, no cullet, so it will always be around.

    I love Double Helix and I am sorry to see Kronos go! Just so you know.

    With respect and admiration, Donna Milliron, BellaDonna Glass

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