Anne Nye – Selling Smart from D&L Art Glass

Twice a month D&L Art Glass runs posts regarding business. If you’re an artist that’s trying to make a living doing your art this is a great bit of information to check out. It’s written by Anne Nye and she has acquired the kind of experience and information that is very helpful in growing your business. As artists we don’t want to have to think about the business side of things but if you want to make money doing art then you really have to get a grip on what it takes to sell your work as well as yourself. And even if making money isn’t the first thing on your mind this information will be helpful in directing you. It certainly can’t hurt to check it out. And her glass is lovely too.


  1. Drita says

    Thanks for posting the article by Anne Nye! Anne is, as of right now, my favorite glass artist!!! Her artwork is whimsical and beautiful!


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