Fake Sea Glass from Instructables

It’s Labor Day Weekend and you should be at the beach…but you’re not. But you wish you were (I’m kind of speaking for myself as well as some of you). Imagine yourself walking along the beach picking up lovely little pieces of sea glass. You’re planning to make some jewelry with it or maybe a mosaic or maybe just put it in a jar. Ah, but you’re not at the beach…how do you get your sea glass? Well you make it yourself. Over at Instructables they’ve got a tutorial on how to do it. It does require a cement mixer, which I find a bit extreme. I’ve used a small rock tumbler and think it would work fine but check out the basic idea. You can show off your sea glass art and tell your Labor Day Weekend story…


  1. Paula says

    How did your rock tumbler do? That is what I have also. Not too many people have cement mixers. What kind of salt did you use? Do you think Kosher salt would work? Rock salt? How long did you tumble your glass?

    Thanks for the help!

  2. says

    I used a small rock tumbler with medium grit for about 8-12 hours. Nice finish on the glass. I think you can pick up a tumbler at Michael’s or Harbor Freight. Quite a bit easier than a cement mixer.


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