Glass is Life on Facebook

Above the door in my store it says, “It’s all about the glass” because in my world that is pretty much true. Most of my glass buddies feel much the same way. For me everytime I try another pursuit such as soldering or welding I find myself back to the glass…it makes me happiest. I want to perfect what I do with glass, not necessarily learn something new with a different medium. If it’s glass I’ll try it. So I found this Facebook page, Glass is Life and I have to say, I love the pictures they post. People forget how important glass is in all of our lives. They’ll remind you. Check it out…


  1. Lillian Hooder says

    I have always picked up pieces of broken glass to try and imagine the households and people who owned it. The glass buttons of the world are my second passion. It would be great to read the book on uses

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