Annealing Glass

Quite a few of my posts start out by me looking for information regarding something I’m working on. Today that would be annealing borosilicate glass. I’m in the midst of a project that is requiring extra extra large beads so I’m working with borosilicate. Yesterday I made a bead that’s over 2″ x 2″ and before I go to the next level, which will be beads that are about 4″ x 2″ and 3″ x 5″ I want to make sure I’ve got all the annealing temperatures right. I normally  work with soft glass and I know all about annealing that kind of glass. Boro is something I don’t play with much. You should have see the flame I worked with…wait, isn’t that it in the picture? Anyway, I went over to Arrow Springs web site for some information. They  are always a very safe place to go when you need to answer a glass question. Now, back to the torch.

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