Reactive Glass, Bullseye Online Education and You

Yesterday was too much fun!! Why you may ask? Well, I got to spend the day talking about glass and learning stuff and hanging out with a bunch of my favorite glass buddies. But I do get to do that almost everyday so how was yesterday different? Devon Willis from Bullseye was at Pacific Art Glass talking about reactive glass. I really love reactive glass and work with it quite a bit. I did want to see if there was anything I didn’t know. I did learn a few things and will offer a fresh class very soon on this type of glass. What is reactive glass? It’s glass whose chemical composition is inclined to react with other glasses of a certain chemical composition. Yikes! Sounds complicated but it’s not. Copper with sulfur reacts…sulfur with leads reacts…sulfur with some metals react…wander over to Bullseye’s web site to find out more. They’re online education has a class on reactive glass. That alone is worth the price of a year of education. Good times…thanks Devon…and John and Raymond!

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