Three Tutorials from D&L Art Glass Supply

I know D&L is a wholesaler so not all of you readers can shop with them but they have put up on their site 3 different tutorials using twisted cane made by Ryan Staub, who I’ve written about here. Ryan makes some really cool glass cane as well as blow amazing glass. I have a piece he blew from a glass plate I fused. I know I’ve shown it here…anyway, check out the tutorials and I’m sure you’ll be truly inspired to make some lovely glass. And if you can’t shop with D&L see if your local glass store does so you can get some of Ryan’s canes. They are 96 though.


  1. Anna says

    Sorry I know this article is quite old now, but can anybody point me in the direction of these cane tutorials please?
    I’m not sure if the link no longer works, or if I’m just looking in the wrong place!
    Thank you,
    Anna :)

  2. says


    The tutorials that D&L has were all created by friends of Ryan Staub and 96 Cane. You can find those tutorials and more at Just click on Project Ideas at the top of the main page and you can download any of the 53 Project Sheets we have there.


    Allison Burk
    Ryan Staub Glass
    Glass Candy Store

  3. Anna says

    Hi Alison,
    Thank you so much, the projects on your site look great.
    I couldn’t see the cane ones in amongst them though, but I will keep an eye out in case they are added back at a later date x


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