I Went to Bullseye in Emeryville!!

So yesterday I was in the Bay Area of California. First in the San Jose area for a new client meeting (which went very well) and then I headed over to see the new Bullseye Resource Centerover in the East Bay, Emeryville to be exact. First off, Emeryville is like a brand new town. Everything looks so fresh and new. I did find out that Pixar is now based there which has something to do with that new fresh feeling all over Emeryville. But more important is the fact that there’s a Bullseye Resource Center right there. Us Southern California glass folk have really been looking forward to this. I love the Portland facility but sometimes taking a class is difficult, going up northis going to be so much easier. If you’re in that area go look…they’re having a gallery opening there next Saturday. Go check it out!!


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