Powder Printing Class at Bullseye

The graphic artist in me really loves bringing graphics to my glass. This class over at Bullseye in Portland and in Santa Fe shows how to do it with powder glass and screens. It’s coming to the Northern California location as soon as that location of Bullseye opens (Can’t wait. I can drive there.). The class is taught by  Stacy Lynn Smith. the powder is pressed through the screen and can even be done directly on kiln shelf and then fired to create wafers that can be used in other pieces. All I can say is hurry up and open Northern California and schedule this class!! I’m shouting this!!


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    I’m a graphic artist by day, and glass artist the rest of the time. That looks so cool! Is it anything like enameling or screen printing? I’m too far away to go to the class (South Carolina), but would love to learn more about the process involved.

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