I’m Back…Let’s Talk Glass!! Fresh Colour de Verre Bead Mold…

It’s rather liberating to have internet access again! I feel I have so much catching up to do…I’ll start with the new Colour de Verre mold that allows you to make Pillow Pendants. They go really well with the round, square, and triangular molds they’ve recently released. They work the way the others do and I have to say that my favorite part about them is the infinite color possibilities. I’ve made half and half colors, multicolored, solids, added dichro…there’s so much you can do! And they are so simple to use. If you haven’t used them before just wander over to their web site and check out their tutorials…


  1. Deborah says

    So glad you are back among the “connected” (-: I miss your kewl glass finds.
    Colour de Verre has some of the most creative molds and I love how hey share their project ideas with us.
    Thanks for helping to feed my addiction!
    My latest project is Zentangle on my fused glass and I am loving it! One more thing to add to my obsessions for the kiln!

  2. bettsmaurer says

    I’m new to most of this and ruined two brand new ring molds like these. I used the slide spray prior but the glass stuck and some of the ceramic ring molds shattered. Any idea why? I’m leary to try again and I want to !!! THanks!

  3. says

    Did you follow the firing schedule suggested by Colour de Verre? Did you do two coats of the spray? Are these Colour de Verre molds you’re talking about? I have to know more about the circumstances to give you an answer.



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