Glass Blowing According to Wikipedia

I’ve been playing with glass blowing lately…mostly with borosilicate glass. I keep getting requests at my studio for classes so I figured I’d better get good at it. I’ve dabbled and played but now I’m actually studying. Don’t I have enough glass techniques to know about? (not really, you can’t get enough glass, can you?) So I thought I’d explore glass blowing here too. A good start is with Wikipedia and traditional glass blowing. I’ve tried that too but don’t have quite the interest since so much equipment is required. Won’t rule it out completely but one thing at a time. Wikipedia does give a bit of information regarding blowing and they always have suggestions for further reading. You Tube is also a fabulous source of information on blowing. Both boro, lots of boro, and off hand. Take your pick. And it’s so much fun to watch!

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