All the Glass Tips You Need Over at Warm Glass!

This glass casting project I’ve been working on can be a pill sometimes. It’s a large piece, 26″ long and for me the holy grail is fingers and toes. You see it’s a diver. When he’s complete he’s stunning…even incomplete he’s pretty cool. But overall this project makes the average challenge seem like a cake walk. Normally I steam out the wax for this lost wax casting but did try melting it out in the kiln. Then there was that burning out the wax extravaganza. Yikes! Can you say smoke? So back to steaming. But I busted the mold…can I swear here? When the mold breaks you must start over. Yikes again. Casting angst. Did I say how cool the piece is when it’s done? Gorgeous! Anyway, looking for information I went over to and over to the tips page… There is more information about kiln forming than you thought you needed. I got a tip I’ll use when I start this over tomorrow. Thanks And I’ll keep you all posted on the outcome.

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