Borosilicate Sheet Glass

I’ve been playing with new goodies…glass goodies of course. It goes with the casting. Or at least it will. What I’ve been starting to play with is boro tubing. Not something I usually do a lot of. But the project I’m working will be insanely cool with some boro tubing flared out. There will be pictures soon, I promise. Now on to what this posting is really about. This evening I was at The Spirit of 96 shindig at Pacific Art Glass and I found out they were getting boro sheet. Huh? So I figured I do a bit of research. Over at Schott Glass they have boro sheet…this looks interesting. For those of you that don’t know about borosilicate glass it’s “hard glass” vs “soft glass”, such as Bullseye and Moretti and Spectrum. It has a very high melting and flow point and it’s very strong. It’s Pyrex…so, we’ll see what happens. I’ll keep you posted.


  1. Elise says

    Have you tried that boro sheet glass yet? I just bought some and am having a tough time finding a firing schedule.

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