New Goodies from D&L Art Glass Supply

I was just talking about bubbles in your glass and now D&L Art Glass Supplies sends me a newsletter talking about the new bubble paint by Glassline they’re selling. It looks so cool! I definitely want to get some of this. As you may have read, bubbles are one of my favorite things to create in fused glass. They have a bunch of new things they’re selling over there so check ut their web site to find out what you need to have fun with…maybe it’s dichro frit…or a new mold…or earring bails. I know you’ll find something!


  1. Nola Sidders says

    How do you buy the bubble paint? I looked at the website and it seems you have to be a store to purchase it. Know of anywhere I can find this item?


  2. says

    Hi Nola,
    Wish I could help you on that. I thought they sold to everyone. Did you actually talk to anyone? Otherwise I’d google bubble paint, There has to be someone that sells it.

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