Bullseye Adds a New Class to Their On-Line Education Program

Bullseye just keeps expanding their on-line education program. Here are a couple more classes they’ve added…

Free Lesson: What is Kiln-glass?
The range of objects that can be made in kiln-glass is extensive and involves a variety of interesting techniques. In this lesson you will learn about the types of glass projects commonly created in a kiln and how you could begin making them.

Member Lesson: Heatwork and Frit
Understanding the concept of heatwork as it applies to frit can open up an entire world of design possibilities. In this lesson you will learn how to achieve a variety of surface textures and finishes with frit by varying time and temperature in the kiln.

Now you need a membership for most of the classes but there are a few freebies so you can get a taste of the program. Enjoy!

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