Cast Glass and Kickstarter

I don’t shamelessly self promote too much here but I’m in the midst of glass casting project and just cracked out the first figures out of their plaster mold. I am so excited about this!! If you have a chance to learn glass casting I highly recommend it. It’s a rather time consuming process but the results are well worth it in my humble opinion. I’m working on a project that I happen to have up at Kickstarter that involves casting many of these figures. Many of them. Check it out if you get a chance. And I want to thank my friend for helping me with this. I have so much gratitude!!!


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    Cast Glass Art three-dimensional integration technology

    Dear Hello,
    I is China’s Wang Yiwei

    introduce you to my new craft
    Mold dewaxing glass three-dimensional integration technology,
    The first rotating three-dimensional hollow glass art,
    Help you design and produce a more arbitrary,
    Please recommend to people in need,

    Best Regards.
    Yours sincerely,

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    Hello my dear
    I am a Chinese maker of glass technology, I discovered a new glass production technology, after several years of R & D, and now this technology has improved stability.
    This technology not wax or adhesive in the case, the lost wax mold casting glass fused into one three-dimensional components, connections no residual impurities, can keep the surface pattern and shape of components, glass lost wax mold casting, sand casting glass, crushed glass bonding process, this technology can be used in many places, but I do not have funds to continue research, request your help.
    You can cooperate, technology purchases, product purchase, sponsorship can be in any way, or recommend to interested people. I really need money, a small amount of money is a great help to me.
    If your help and love, this technology will give you more returns. Three-dimensional glass fusion technology allows you to design and produce more arbitrary.
    Sincerely look forward to your reply
    Bless you health and happiness
    Your friend David

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