Still Space Available in Heather and Caitlin’s Class at Corning!!

The other day I wrote about the fact that Heather Trimlett and Caitlin Hyde were teaching at Corning. It’s so cool. And I speak from experience since Heather is teaching a class this weekend at my studio. You have to learn form these fabulous ladies. So if you find yourself in the Corning area, you east coast folks, sign up fast!!! Or if you live elsewhere and want a Glasstastic vacation go to Corning! It’s one of the best glass vacations you can have (Italy might be slightly better).


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    Heather is great! I took a class way back when up at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and loved it! Do you have workshops at your studio Cathi?

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    Hi Susan,
    Heather’s here teaching as we speak. I don’t have a lot of guest instructors here. I teach most of my classes. But I can’t resist having her here. I teach glass bead making, fusing mosaic and jewelry making. Such a good time!! Cathi

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