Rocky Mountain Graal with Robert Mickelsen

I saw this post on Facebook by Cindy Brown and Dave Winship about a class at Glasscraft in Colorado with Robert Mickelsen and had to let all of you know. Look at the goblets in that picture. Awesome. And there’s a video on the page. So cool. The class is coming up soon so if your in the area (Coloado) check out if there’s still space available. Or just watch the video. It’s so cool. Said that already…but it is!!


  1. Sherri Baldwin says

    I love this glasses and was wondering if there is website where I can purchase them!

  2. syril rubin says

    I own a beautiful mickelsen glass sculpture and would like to know what it is valued at? It was purchased at a gallery in Virginia Beach about 15 years ago. It hangs on the wall and has green and orange branches with flowers that hold figures ,that are removable. Can you give me any info? syril rubin. thank you. What is mickelsens website?

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