Mosaic Heaven…Check This Out!!

Loving the mosaic! And I’ve found some high end designer mosaic eye candy that is making me crazy. A couple of years ago I found myself in Pam Beach. As I sat in my hotel room at The Breakers Hotel I was looking through a couple of the local magazines a drooled over the mosaic wall in a particular photo shoot. I thought, I’d love to create things like this…still want to. So in my search of the internets to find something interesting to share with all of you I found the company that produced that wall of beauty. Check out the web site of Bisazza Mosaico

Now, this company is about interiors. Grand interiors. This isn’t necessarily about the crafty side of mosaic…this is definitely the chic side of mosaic. Not to put down the crafty side, I love the crafty side. But I really love the luscious luxurious mosaic these italian artists produce. Check out their other site…and check out the way I found them, through this designer, Marcel Wanders coffee table he made in conjuction with Bisazza.



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