Kiln Forming at Vitrum Studios

It’s time to cruise the country looking for interesting glass classes. Across the country from me, over on the east coast, Vitrum Studios is offering what looks to be a very good class on kiln forming, also known as kiln forming. The art of utilizing a kiln to create plates and tiles and art and all kinds of glass goodies.

Here’s their description:

In this introductory workshop, we will explore the possibilities of fused and slumped glass. You will learn the basics of glass cutting, firing schedules, glass compatibility and annealing. You will experiment with design possibilities using a wide variety of frit, stringers, confetti and iridized glass to create a set of example tiles, and two fused and slumped bowls. You will be shown the technical and artistic side of the medium of fused glass with an emphasis on building a strong foundation for future kiln work.

It’s being held November 20-21 and if you’re in the Maryland area I think you should go learn about kiln forming. But that’s just my opinion…

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