Crash Glass Mosaic Tutorial

I’m in the midst of three different mosaic projects so I’ve got it on the brain. Of course there are beads in the kiln as well as tiles and more glass for mosaics…what can I say, I’m a busy girl. Anyway, back to this blog about using crash glass for mosaic. I found this crazy cool tutorial on how to use a shower door, crash glass also known as safety glass, to create material to mosaic with. Very creative. You’re not going to want to necessarily do this alone, but once you have your glass from the door then you can proceed on your own. The site I found this fun and interesting tutorial on is called Stuff From the Bunker Art Studio.


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    Wow, thanks for posting our tutorial on making crash glass. This is so much fun to do and the sound just makes everyone in the studio giggle every time we do it.
    We love making crash glass mosaic projects and go through dozens of shower doors in short order at the Bunker Studio.
    Great way to keep another item out of the landfills that most people don’t know what to do with when they get ready to replace their old ones. Storm doors, some windows and the side windows of cars work too.
    We love CraftGossip, keep up the good work finding everything online worth seeing!


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