Fall Classes Listed at Vitrum Studios

It’s that time of year when new class schedules are posted. And the selection over at Vitrum Studios looks like a very good time. I like the idea of a trouble shooting class. What a great subject? Haven’t you wondered what went wrong on a project that just went wrong?  This class is called “What happened? Troubleshooting for Kilnformers”. Or you can give Roger Thomas’ class a try. His work is so beautiful! Or would you like to try some jewelry making like wire wrapping or Precious Metal Clay to augment your glass work? They’re all here. Check out their schedule…


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    Glad to hear and you’re welcome.The Corning Museum Of Glass is a good one to check out to. They offer classes and lectures as well. How long have you been running this blog for?

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    Love the Corning Museum. Haven’t been in awhile though. I’ve been writing for this blog for over a year but I’m not quite sure how long it’s been around.

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