Contemporary Mosaic Artists Meet in So Cal

I was fortunate enough to meet with a group of mosaic artists today for lunch. The meet up was organized by the founder of the web site for mosaic artists, CMA, Contemporary Mosaic Artists. I’ve mentioned the site on this blog before and think if you’re a dedicated mosaic artist this is a site for you to join. Pam Givens put all of this together, both the web site and the lunch today, and she does an amazing job of bringing together like minded people that share a passion for mosaic.

Todays group included a couple of the ladies that work for Piece by Piece, an organization that I have mentioned here quite a few times, Luz and Dawn. There was one of my favorite friends and glass goddesses around, Leigh Adams, who also works with Piece by Piece. There was a lovely couple, Azia and Louise, whose house in Santa Monica is a mosaic piece of art (that’s a whole other post!). The group was rounded out by Brian, Carole, Sue, Mary, who has a mosaic gallery right in my neighborhood, and Ginny, and of course, Pam. Everyone here will get a profile of their own…and I think a good time was had by all!!



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