ISGB Gathering…this weekend!

Online registration is closed. I repeat…online registration is closed. But you can still register in person. It’s the ISGB Gathering in Rochester, NY and it’s this weekend. It officially starts on Friday July 29 and runs through the 1st of August. If you’re on the east coast you should try to attend this. And for those of you that do attend and are readers of my little blog, send me an email and pictures and I’ll post them. I know I’ve gone on about how great Gatherings are…but they are and if you make glass beads you really need to attend one. It’s been ages since I’ve personally been to one but I know i’ll be at next years for sure. I think it’s in Louisville, KY.

There are classes and demos and lectures and demos and a bead bazaar and the opportunity to meet everyone…and all the suppliers are there. Good times for all!


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