Microwave Kilns…Fad or Functional?

First time I saw a microwave kiln in action I thought, “No way!” How could you fuse glass in a microwave? Well there it was doing just that. You very limited to the size of the pieces you can do and I’d be a bit worried about annealing but if you’re color testing or making some small jewels it’s a nifty tool. You get a piece of fused glass in about 5 minutes, give or take a minute or two. I’m posting a video made by Pearsons Glass on how to use a microwave kiln that’s on You Tube.

And for all things microwave kiln wander over to microwavekiln.com. They are fascinating little kilns and it is amazing you can do this with a microwave. Now you can get started fusing with a minimal investment of both time and money. And I”m sure once you get started playing you’ll move on up to a larger kiln and really start kiln forming…



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