Time to Sign Up for Fall Classes at Bullseye Portland

The schedule for fall classes is up at Bullseye and it’s a great selection. Having just taken a series of classes there I highly recommend making the trip over there if you’re not already in Portland. Their facility is “heaven on earth” for all glass lovers! There’s a vitrigraph class with Nathan Sandberg, which I know you’ll love since I’ve seen what he can do with glass and a vitrigraph kiln. You’ll also get a chance to see Larry Cunningham’s Turbo Lift in action.

There’s printmaking and reaction classes also. So cool. I want to take the printmaking class. Something to think about. The reaction class is awesome. I recently posted about reactive glass. Really good stuff. So if you need to further your glass knowledge this is the premier place for it. It’s where the artists go to play with glass. Aren’t you tempted?


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