New Info from GAS Weekly Digest

I love getting the weekly newsletter from the Glass Art Society. I feel so “in the know” as far as new glass information is concerned. So I’m doing a bit of the old cut and paste to pass on new info…

Paragon Industries has just released the 14″ square x 6 1/2″ deep CS-14S
and CS-14D glass fusing kilns.

CS stands for clamshell, which means the kilns lift out of the way for loading. Open the dual-opening CS-14D by lifting a conventional
kiln lid or by lifting the clamshell firing chamber. The single-opening CS-14S walls and top lift up as a single unit.
An optional bead door and high-temperature glass window are available for the CS-14S. Both models can be ordered with the optional mercury
relay or a ceramic fiber lid. The kilns  come with a digital Sentry Xpress temperature controller.

The kiln base extends 4″ in the back to support the weight of the kilns when they are opened. The heating elements are mounted in the top.
“The idea behind the CS kilns is that you can assemble glass on a kiln shelf while it is already inside the kiln,” said John S. Hohenshelt,
president of Paragon Industries. “In many cases this will eliminate the need to glue the pieces before firing.”

For more information, contact Paragon: 800-876-4328 / 972-288-7557
/ / 2011 South Town East Blvd.,
Mesquite, TX 75149-1122

This sounds like a very cool kiln…more info in the next post.


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