Reactive Glass…and the results are in!

The other day I wrote about reactive glass. The  glass creates a chemical reaction when certain types that contain various components meet.Glass with sulphur in it will react with copper or silver. So I fused a tile of glass with bits of fine silver foil placed all around. No specific design since the intention of this tile is to have it cut into smaller pieces and then randomly arranged in whatever design works at the time. I’ll let the glass talk to me and tell me where to place it in conjunction with other tiles. Perhaps I’ll post that picture when I’ve done that. So anyway, I have before and after pictures of what happened after I fired the silver on the french vanilla. And the silver is fine silver which is pure, unlike sterling silver which is an alloy. There are the coolest turquoise rings around the silver and then browns that fade out to the french vanilla. So cool. Boy do I have plans for this combination. It’s really good stuff! If you want to learn more about reactions check out Bullseye’s site…or Vitrum Studios, both places have classes on reactive glass. Get a reaction!!


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