Lori and Kim and Their Murrini

When you make glass beads you eventually find what you’re good at and capitalize on that. Cupcakes are one of my things which means I make a lot of cupcake beads. Well, Lori and Kim make fantastic murrinis and sell them to bead makers so we don’t have to make them. Have you ever made a murrini? Not the easiest thing to do but when a good one is added to a bead as an accent it is so cool. And Lori and Kim make such good murrini. I recently posted a tutorial on a bead made with their cuties. They are always working on more goodies and sure enough they have a couple of new 104 batches available to you. Some stuff is on sale…I love the 90 COE caramel set. I’ve been using a lot of those colors lately. Get some murrini and when you make something cool send me a picture and I’ll post it.


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    I have just started making glass beads and i can not get them off the rod, I dipped the rod in the pink stuff I was supposed to do. Sorry, i don’t know the proper name of the pink liquid stuff, but I have twisted and everything and just can not get the bead off. Thanks for any help. Sincerely, lInda

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    Hi Linda,
    Have you soaked the beads on the mandrels in water? Are you using pliers to hold the mandrel when you attempt to remove the beads? If these things don’t help, could you have worked the beads in the flame too long? Sometimes if you spend too much time in the flame the bead release degrades to the point where you can’t remove the bead. Let me know if any of this info helps and if you still have trouble let me know that too. Hope this helps…


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