Reactive Glass…a little silver and a little french vanilla

Some of my favorite glass for bead making is silver glass. By that I mean glass that is infused with silver. And that silver cause chemical reactions. Wonderful reactions. Those reactions translate to fusing or kiln forming glass. When silver and sulphur get together good things happen. When copper and sulphur get together more good things happen. The meeting of the glasses causes color changes or in the instance of turquoise and ivory or french vanilla a ring or brown or black outlines where ever the glass meets. So cool.

Right now I have some french vanilla with silver foil cooking in my kiln and I’m looking for a reaction. Tomorrow when the glass comes out of the kiln I’ll share the results. It should be interesting. For more information about reactive glass check out Bullseye’s site. Or google reactive glass or silver foil and glass. You’ll definitely find some good stuff.


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