Hollow Glass Bead Tutorial

I’ve been making a bunch of hollow beads lately. I think of them as a kind of sorbet to all of the cupcake beads I make. A hollow bead is more zen like in its creation. Generally one rod of glass, one color, maybe a few accents, but usually very simple. I like to use glass that does all of the talking like a raku or other silver glass. The bead pictured above is one of mine made with raku glass that’s been frosted. I just love it!

So I went looking for a tutorial since I don’t have one yet and found a number of them in googleland. I’ll share links to a couple of them the first being Lori Greenberg’s blog (she used to write this blog). She always explains things well and has good pictures.

There are some videos out there in the internets but I do have to say, Lori’s tutorial can have you making a hollow bead in no time. That is with a bit of practice. Happy zen bead making!!


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