How to Get a Better Bowl?

I was checking out some of the questions over at’s forum and came across a good one that I bet a lot of kiln formers/fusers have trouble with. Sometimes as I look around etsy and other sites where people sell their fused pieces I see the same situation. To me it looks like the piece was fired either too fast or too hot or both. I think this was the situation with the piece pictured at the site. I don’t necessarily want to post this picture since it is their “problem” piece. I’d rather show the solution since I want to show things in a good light. If there were before and after pictures that would be different. Have you had the problem of the sides pulling in when you’ve fired a piece? Doing a dog bone kind of thing? You’ll need to ramp it up a bit slower, fire it cooler and you could hold it longer, especially when slumping. Check out the answers to this persons question. It may help you with one of your fusing/slumping projects…


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