Wikipedia – Fused Glass

I find Wikipedia an interesting site in this age of the internets. Full of information. But living, breathing information since it can be updated regularly. Even you can update it. I like to see what they have to say about the various disciplines of glass working and today we’re looking at fused glass also known as kiln forming. I like kiln forming. It sounds so much more artistic than fusing. But, hey, that’s me. Up at Bullseye in Portland they refer to it as kiln forming. You may like fusing. Either way Wikipedia says it’s a term used to describe glass that has been fired in a kiln to temperatures ranging from 1099F to 1501F.

There’s more to fusing than that and I know people that take the temperatures higher to achieve different effects. But if you need to explain fusing or kiln forming to someone this isn’t too bad a place to send them. You’ll also get a bit of history and techniques and links to take you to places that can provide you with more information. That’s what this is about with Wikipedia, information…



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