Blue Bead Tutorial on Lampwork Etc…thanks Carla and Sara

Carla Mahan Beyerlein of CarlaBeads on etsy posted link on Facebook to a tutorial on Lampwork Etc. of “The Blue Bead” by Sara Kay that is such a lovely bead. It uses cobalt glass, silver foil and clear and the result is just beautiful. It’s a nice recipe and if you don’t have any Kronos glass you can get similar if not better silver glass effects. It is made with silver foil after all. This tutorial makes me want to get on the torch right now and make a blue bead. I’ve got a class I’m teaching this weekend and this might be a great thing to show my students on the second day. Something to think about. Well, if you try the tutorial out send me a picture of your bead so I can post it here.



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