The Joy of Cold Working with Johnathon Schmuck

More about my trip to Portland…one of the evenings we had the pleasure of a tour at the home of the owners of Bullseye glass to see their glass collection. Everyone’s cameras were clicking as we captured images of the incredible body of work Dan and Lani possess. I’m still filtering through all of the images I took during the week and have yet to get to the pictures from that evening. But today I came across a posting about one of the artists whose work was at the house, so I had to pass this along to you guys. Johnathon Schmuck is the artist and he has a new book out called The Joy of Coldworking.

During my class at Bullseye we spent a little bit of time doing some cold working. Grinding and smoothing the edges of a pretty thick piece we made. But I’ve seen, and Johnathon does this too, cutting and grinding away of the surface of the glass to reveal other colors underneath. I know it has my head swirling with design possibilities…check it out and see what it does for you.

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