Cress Kilns – GK 1A – Drop Bottom Kiln

Back to Vegas for some new products! I was over at the Cress Kiln booth when my glass buddy Karen Pester showed me their fabulous new kiln, the GK 1A, which has a drop bottom and was designed for her. What you say is a drop bottom? Exactly what it sounds like. There’s a lever that allows you to drop down the bottom of the kiln while it’s on so you can manipulate your hot glass and then bring it back up into the heat. It makes raking so much easier. Karen uses it to hand form her animals she creates while hot. Don’t you want one…I know I do. And I’m getting one so I’ll let you know how things fire. It’s so exciting. And it’s available in two sizes!


  1. Eliana says

    Hi! I´m my mom and I are learning glass fusing and slumping, and we are in the process of buying our first kiln for our studio. I have the oportunity tu buy a Cress Fuser 75 or Fuser 87 through amazon but I can´t find any reviews on Cress kilns online, so I was wondering if you could give me some help.
    Some of our artist friends have paragon or eveheat kilns, I know those are good but I they are not for sale in amazon and I have to buy from that website because of some political and economical restrictions in my country, I live in Venezuela (south america)

  2. says

    Cress kilns are very good. I’m surprised though that there isn’t a review on Amazon’s web site. Have you gone to Cress’ web site to see what they have to say.

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