To the Glass Bead Makers…What’s your favorite type of glass?

A heart made with Double Helix, Triton...I’ll ask this of the fusers and stained glass folks and the mosaic enthusiasts as well as the blowers this question soon, but tonight’s question goes to those that make beads. The most popular glass used is COE 104, Moretti/Effetre or Murano or Vetrofond or Double Helix, some Reichenbach and Uroboros. There’s also TAG and some more 104’s I’m not mentioning. I love 104. The colors available are fabulous! It has a good amount of time to work it while it’s still soft. But there’s also Bullseye, COE 90. And Spectrum 96…Uroboros makes 96 as well as Gaffer, which has some amazing, magical colors. We must not forget the extremes too, Boro and Satake. One is very hard and one is very soft. Neither is my personal favorite, but I’ve seen spectacular glass made with both types. So what’s your favorite?


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