Another Tutorial…and the Bead I Made With the Wig Wag Twistie

It’s Saturday night and it has been awhile since I did Tutorial Saturday, so here it is. But first I want to share the bead I made last night with the wig wag twistie I made using the tutorial the Sarah Hornik provided on the Torch Bugs web site. Considering it was my first attempt at a wig wag I was quite pleased. Can you see the wig and the wag? Now I just need to practice. Let me know what you think or if you tried to make one yourself.

The tutorial I’m posting is a video from You Tube of a simple mosaic tutorial. She doesn’t actually say anything but takes you seemlessly through the steps to mosaic a little tea light holder…

Next we can watch another video. This time it’s a tour of the Institute of Mosaic. I love this place! Check it out!! And check out their web site! It makes me want to finish my mosaic projects…


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    And thanks for being so generous with your information. I wish I had had a chance to meet you when you taught at The Mandrel. Maybe the next time you come to LA.

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