Bullseye Resource Center – Santa Fe, NM

I am so excited for the glass artists in Santa Fe and those that don’t even know they will be glass artists. Bullseye Glass is opening a resource center in Santa Fe. Yea ha!! I’m kind of jealous…but congratulations to all involved and all that will benefit from the opening. The grand opening is July 14th and I’m looking forward to an excuse to head over to Santa Fe to check it out. This is a facility that is Bullseye owned and operated and will spread the word of glass art in an area already well known for its artist community. I think they will be well served, both Bullseye and the community. Congratulations on a wonderful new adventure!


  1. Judy HJaramillo says


    Can I buy glass from you, a few pieces, not a large order. And where are you located?



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