Make Your Own Professional Strip Cutter from

Today I received an email newsletter from that has a great offer for plans to make your own professional glass strip cutter. This looks like a really nifty item to build. They have a video on their site showing how it’s used. Pretty cute video…and for a mere $10 you can get the instructions and materials list to build one yourself. Seems like a great idea since these things can run in the hundreds of dollars. Are you handy? If you play with glass I’m sure you are. So check out the video and see if this cutter will improve the quality of your life. If you cut a lot of glass I’m sure it will.


  1. Tanya bishop says

    Please, Please…..I’m a female and I don’t know what your talking about when it comes to making the strip cutter. Can’t you just put the pieces together and send it to me? If it does not cost much, you can charge me a small amount and S&H. I can buy the cutting board. I would be very grateful. I do mosaics and i Just can’t find the small pieces I use without trying to cut a large piece of glass by hand into tine even pieces. Thank You, Tanya

  2. says

    I wish I could help you construct the strip cutter but I just bring you the information on how to learn about this. I’m sure you know someone that could help you. Plus, just because you’re female doesn’t mean you can’t build one of these…

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