Bead Makers Win the Flame Off in Tucson

The Flame Off is a very important part of the Best Bead Show that takes place in Tucson. The show has ended as of today but I’m sure their memories live on. The Best Bead Show is the bead makers show. The best of the best show here as well as the suppliers of glass and tools and equipment. After a full day of selling their wares they gather and show off their glass working skills in the Flame Off. Crazy! So some of my favorite bead makers won! Whoo hoo!! Check out the winning piece above. So awesome. And the winners are…JC Herrell ( you soo her work all over this blog), Kim Fields and Judy Carlson. Go ladies!! And Judy is pres of the So Cal Flame Surfers, the local Southern California chapter of the ISGB. I”m posting other pictures from the Flame Off but if you can get over to Facebook look around and see the other guys…and their big flames! Wish I could have been there!

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