Mosaic Renaissance – Book Review

While at CHA the other day I did my best job to get ahold of some books about glass to review. Here’s a great book on mosaic from North Light books called Mosaic Renaissance by Laurel Skye.

The author uses millefiori, which translates to “one thousand flowers” and are pattern canes made in Italy. I’ve used them many times in glass bead making and have even made simple millefiori also known as murrini. Her use of them for mosaic is so interesting and adds patterns as well as an exotic flavor to her work. It’s a beautiful book and very informative on mosaic techniques. And her usage of other glass tiles is just luscious. She’s created some mosaic shoes that are so beautiful. I highly recommend this book for those that want to expand their mosaic palette. I know I’m inspired.


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    I picked this book up a few weeks ago and I love it! This is the first mosaic book that has totally inspired me in a long time. I would put this at the top of the must have list for every mosaic artist library. Laurel Skye is one talented lady.

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