Day 2 – CHA…I want a Cricut! To Etch Glass

So as I wandered around Day 2 at CHA, The Craft and Hobby Association Show…I kept passing the Provo booth where it was cake madness. I know this section is supposed to be about glass but I’ll get there. They had a cricut machinbe that cut fondant frosting for cakes. Crazy. Intricate designs on a cake. Cake bakers and decorators are going to go nuts! But I want a cricut for the glass etching possibilites. So I went over to talk with one of their people. I met the nicest lady, Maggie Lamarre, who used to write here at and started talking glass etching. She showed me a mug she had etched…I want a cricut!! The graphic artist in me wants a cricut!! Oh and check out Maggie’s blog at


  1. MelodyJ says

    Oh wow! Not only can we use cricut for paper and fabric but cakes and glass. For some time I have wondered how to use products made for one craft and apply them to another.

  2. says

    I don’t yet have a cricut but will soon…the woman I spoke with at the booth uses contact paper and applies the cut paper to the glass and then etches the exposed glass. As soon as I get one of those cute contraptions I’ll put together a tutorial. So cool!!!

  3. says

    Hi, we’re giving away 2 cricuts at My Craft Corner with lots of ways to earn extra entries! Plus, its a wonderful growing community of crafters and we have lots of great things planned in the future. Come take a look!

  4. says

    Earn a FREE Cricut Create!
    Sept 16 to Dec 15 (2010), Mary Kay is offering a Cricut Create as one of the sales prizes you can earn!
    So you can earn a free Cricut Create by selling Mary Kay and make 50% commissions while you earn your Cricut! All at the same time! I think this is fabulous. I’m forwarding it to all my teacher friends who want one for their classroom.
    (you can only see the prize incentives when you are a Mary Kay consultant – if you are interested, happy to talk

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