Suellen Fowler – A Glass Goddess

L011-SB-Pomegranate-071104I had a booth at a bead show for the past four days. A good show by the way…The Pasadena Bead And Design Show. While taking a quick moment to wander around the show I encountered Suellen Fowler whose work I’ve admired for many years. I had heard that I needed to see the work in the other room. Blown amphora bottles and sculpted glass.

L006-PB-HNSnowCappedOh my…the detail work is exquisite. The thing is is that she works in borosilicate glass, hard glass. Tiny detail work. Most of the boro workers can’t do this…in fact lots of soft glass workers can’t do this kind of detail work. Well, I bowed to her and was so in awe. I knew I had to share with all of you. If you get a chance to be in the presence of her work bow to her and buy something. I think her next stop is the Tucson Gem show…


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