Let’s Check out Austin, TX and Helios Kiln Glass Studio’s 2010 Classes

Ellen Abbott

Ellen Abbott

We’ve been over to Helios Kiln Glass Studio’s site before but since it’s the new year we need to check in and let those in that part of the country know what’s up in Austin, TX. The list of upcoming classes is very interesting. I sure wish the studio was closer. How does Pate de Verre with Ellen Abbott and Marc Vera sound? Check out her sample bowl in the picture above…beautiful!


Maybe you want to try a pattern bar class or glass raking. They’ve got those coming up. But hurry…I noticed a bunch of these classes have wait lists already. There’s also a class on inclusions, putting stuff in your glass. That sounds interesting…or color theory or hot pots or 5 projects in 5 weeks. More than you thought you could ever learn about glass. That’s what’s so wonderful about glass!


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